Maintenance Service Agreements

Instead of responding to urgent service needs and emergency repairs, put your time, energy and operating budget toward more profitable activities with a maintenance service agreement.

LRC can help reduce those operating costs and extend the life of your equipment with planned maintenance.

Our maintenance service agreements are designed to provide our customers the principal services and inspections that safeguard their equipment’s performance. Our maintenance service agreement will also help reduce the risk of having a major equipment emergency and get faster service in the case of an emergency. LRC will arrange service calls for preventive maintenance appointments and make sure your equipment is running properly so there is no need for you to remember to schedule them.

The benefits of having a maintenance service agreement include: Top priority status for emergency service calls

  • Regular maintenance and inspections helps extend the life of equipment
  • Regular cleaning and servicing of your equipment increases its efficiency, thus reducing energy consumption and saving money on energy bills.
  • Regular maintenance helps decrease emergency repairs
  • If you wish to receive further details on our maintenance service agreements, please call us (603) 622-7700 and we will be happy to assist you.