Safety / Security Tint for Windows and Doors

Window security film installers are not all alike. We offer the greatest level of intrusion protection by carrying the thickest window security film in the industry.

Glass is clear. But glass is weak. That’s why the department of Homeland Security recommends that all first floor windows and glass doors in schools and colleges be covered with a durable security film that prevents attackers from breaking through glass, even when it’s broken. Window security film has the ability to deter intrusion. But it is largely dependent on how it’s anchored to the window frame. Our certified, highly trained installers use a superior silicone adhesive anchoring system, while other installers provide no anchoring system.

We also offer a 12-year warranty as well as a complete line of UV, energy efficient and reflective coatings for use in home and business with the installation of Solar Gard architectural films. Their reflective coatings reject heat from the sun and can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 30%. They also reduce glare and make it easier to see screens and monitors. If comfort and energy savings are your goal, call LRC today.