Emergency Lighting Service

In the dark about your emergency and exit lighting needs, LRC Fire Safety can help you be sure that your emergency and safety equipment is functioning properly when you need it most. Emergency lights and exit signs certainly plays a critical role in your company’s safety plan. They are designed to direct people safely to exits by lighting the way in the event of power outage or fire emergency. We stock a variety of exit signs, emergency lights and combination units for commercial and industrial usage. We also stock common batteries and bulbs for all types of units and brands of equipment. Do you have old incandescent units? No problem, we can equip them with LEDs saving your company time and money.

Service & Maintenance

When we come to service your extinguishers, we will test your emergency lighting by performing diagnostic tests to make sure that your batteries are charged and up to capacity. Our diagnostic tests will determine if the charging circuit is functioning properly and that the battery is capable of maintaining the required 90 minute discharge in case of an emergency. We will replace the battery and bulb if necessary to return your equipment to working order.


24 Hour Emergency Service

Our 24 hour emergency service is offered to all of our customers. We take our customers’ fire protection very seriously and respond to an emergency call immediately 24/7.

If you have any questions about any kind of fire protection and safety products, please call us at (603) 622-7700 for same day price quotes.